27. February 2014



I wrote about artist Li Hongbo about a year ago, now he’s back with more stunning and captivating sculptures made out of thousands of paper layers. See the marble like faces melt and shift shapes into impressive new forms in this beautiful slow motion video by Kid Guy Collective! Never get’s old… CLICK HERE. And here is an earlier post about Li Hongbo’s work : Benjamin Ebel on Facebook

03. February 2014

Benjamin Ebel Ira Glass Creative Advice

One ‘Secret’ of Success in Creative Work

There is really no right or wrong in how creatives do their thing, but there might be at least one thing all creative success stories have in common: You have to start and you have to keep doping it, with believe in yourself no matter how often you get rejected. Here is Ira Glass’ perspective on this topic, who is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of our time and it’s a great advice. If you like, watch this short beautiful visualization of Ira Glass’ quote, made by Daniel Sax : “Nobody tells this to people who […]

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