27. February 2014



I wrote about artist Li Hongbo about a year ago, now he’s back with more stunning and captivating sculptures made out of thousands of paper layers. See the marble like faces melt and shift shapes into impressive new forms in this beautiful slow motion video by Kid Guy Collective! Never get’s old… CLICK HERE. And here is an earlier post about Li Hongbo’s work : Benjamin Ebel on Facebook

26. January 2014

Benjamin Ebel Aaron Sherwood Firewall Music Installation

Firewall music installation

Something relaxing for this Sunday, OK except the part at second 49… ‘Firewall’ is a music installation by Aaron Sherwood, where the user is able to control the speed and velocity of a piano pattern by shaping the installation’s surface. Not that you can’t control a piano with your hands anyway ;) but for someone who’s not able to play an instrument… this might be a very fascinating experience. See the video after the break… CLICK

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